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Day 81 Thursday 1st May. Now the house has most of the sheet and battens done for the roof. The drainage holes were finished for the stables (or so I thought). The roof is over all the stables with the sliding bars for the big doors also ready. Just short sheets to finish one end over the wash and mount area.

Day  82 Friday, Alain's team, headed by Denis, arrived immediately and put all the sliding stable doors on and put in the timber (picture right). He found that somebody had, at some time over the last few weeks, driven over some of the doors that were stacked in the 30m by 50m clearing by the yard! three were bent, could you believe it? You need eyes in the back of your head on a building site. Denis straightened them as best as he could. I went and collected over 500 of paint so we (me) can start painting the inside of the walls, which will be half black, half white. Thanks to Alain we will start getting the horses in on Sunday, and will just have to move bedding and horses around to facilitate the laying of the rubber mats after that. I do hope we will see the builders putting up the drinkers soon though.

Day  83 Saturday, no house work today but Denis is here to finish the stables. Putting in the last slips of timber, putting up the partitions and hopefully putting in the windows if he has time. The picture here left shows, through section, the design of hay rack we liked. Very handy to be able to push the hay in from the passage and the horses eat low to the ground. There is still a plate that goes in on a slant at the bottom so that there is no wastage. 

Conaty's men are here putting up the undercover of the overhang to give it a proper finished look.

I am off to do some painting.....got them all done by the evening.

Sunday, all our horses home at last. I started painting the walls, his time we are using oil based primer which is much slower.  

Day  84 Tuesday 6th May. After bank holiday Monday, I didn't get much painting done, now the horses are here I just seem to be helping with them. Declan started putting the slates on the roof of the house and the area at the back of the house where the arena is going was being cleared up. The picture (right) shows how things can just get a bit untidy. 

Day  85, 86 and 87 Sees one half, of half the roof the house, with the tiles finished. Its going to be slow. Conaty's were here for a day or so doing the gable ends of the shed, but still have to finish the roof at the house end on one side plus put the doors on. With some of this awful weather, it just blew straight through the passageway, luckily, still the stables were not drafty. We are having a slight problem with the stable doors coming off their rails with the stallions being stallions, but again, Alain said he can fix that, so we know that this will be sorted out, thank goodness. It just shows how important 'after sales' service is. I just wish our horses were not so boisterous. Thursday, a nice gentleman called to measure the place were the stairs are to go. Together we came to an agreement to widen them slightly to match the plans, though not as wide as the plans. We can just cut back the upstairs floor a little more (so easy with this building method) doing this means we can avail of the balcony area by the large window which overlooks the arena. As for our arena, this arera is still not ready to let Rock in to dig the drains, which will incorporate the pipes. And, as Friday finished with more to do, I think I will have to do it myself! I eventually got the fax from Francis of Power Tech, giving us the plan of how the geothermal pipes should be laid out to suit our arena area. (see below) 


I guess we just fit it, meeting at the long side of the arena and then just pipe it back to the house. What we plan to do is to dig these trenches down, good and deep. Fill them mostly with gravel so that the rain off the arena, the house and the barn, drain down to the pipes. It should naturally drain there, but at a higher level, make a drain off to cater for any excess water after that. Then just finish making the arena in the normal way with stone, membrane and finished surface. I hope it goes as easy as it sounds.

Day  88 and 89  Tuesday and Wednesday 13th and 14th May. (Declan was not here on Monday) Conaty's worked on covering in under the overhang (picture up soon) It gives it a tidy finished look. More tiling was being done on the house so that the top of the two storey is nearly finished. Kieran (windows rep.) called to discuss the windows which I was so uncertain about, how the panes are divided etc. We are just having Pvc ones, that you see everywhere. If we were to have different windows it would just be another cost for us which we can do without for a few years yet. Same for the doors, I just hope the front door does not look bad.  We also had a lot of 'discussing problems' on how the stairs go. I wanted a slightly wider balcony, but it finished off at the usual 3' due to the reinforcing in the upstairs floor that could not be cut back, it was incorrectly done (not to the plans for some reason).

Day 90 Thursday15th May. The water drinkers and taps were set up and connected in the yard. They then had to attach the mains, and guess what?  When one of the drainage holes were drilled in a stable, the water pipe was drilled too!!! If only these holes were put in with drain pipes through the wall before the pour, it would have saved all this trouble. We will just have to carry buckets of water to each  horse for a bit longer. I think, what we will have to do, is to chisel out the wall from the outside, locate the damaged pipe and put in a joiner, then hope there is no more punctures down the line. Conaty's finished off two doors and hung them. A third is nearly done leaving the big double swinging door left. They also got the overhang sheeting finished.

Nothing happened Friday as far as I was aware.

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