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I was talking to Ashley Burns, who, by the way, is the main architect of this project. (see 'products' page) He told me that he is watching the progress through this site and is very impressed with the building method we chose. He said, had he known about this method, he could have been more creative in design. With block build (as his drawings were designed for) you try to place walls, windows, ceilings etc with set block measurements in mind. With this system, you are free to place anything wherever you want it. When I first asked Ashley to do the drawings, I had not decided what method we were going to use. I had mentioned timber frame and if we has gone down this line, Ashley's drawings would have been re-drawn by the timber frame company themselves. Ashley knew this, so was surprised that these drawings did the whole job! Ashley is always available to help so I should have told him, I just thought that part was over. It could explain why we had a problem with the upstairs windows. Anyway I am pleased, it all looks to be going the way we want.

Day 71 Wednesday 16th April. Conaty started and prepared the cross beams. The upstairs partition walls continued to go up in the house. I spoke to Alain Storme about putting the wood in the stable fronts before the roof went up but he advised me to wait, if it got wet it could expand and risk damaging the steel. We are just getting anxious to get the horses in, but I know Alain will be here the minute we ask him to be.

Day 72 Thursday, The teleporter arrived at long last. Conaty's have the main trusses in place and they don't look too high, to my relief. The bolts that were set in the fresh concrete work fine, the pictures here shows how easy it all fits. The picture on the left is looking down on the side walls showing the truss fixes, the picture on the right is looking up at it. The ceiling in the upstairs of the house started and a big clean up job was done around the house as Brendan was back here today. I had a phone call from Francis about how the pipes would be laid for the geothermal heating system and it looks as if we can place them under the arena which would be great. More on that later.

Day 73 Another half day as it is Good Friday, as the present team are here working till lunch time. All the frames for the dividing  walls upstairs, were finished today. All the beams for the roof were also done. So much in so little time. Conatys are making great headway with the barn roof. All the parts arrived and it was nice to see that the 'see through' sheets to let in light over each stable, ran the  whole way from the top of the apex to the outside wall, which should let in a lot of light. They continues to work on Saturday too putting up the remaining main trusses with the beams attached across. Happy Easter everybody. We went and collected our last kitchen over Easter, which we bought thought the Buy and Sell newspaper. We have always managed to get so much, particularly for the house, this way, I highly recommend it.

Day 74,75,76 Tuesday to Thursday 24th April. With a minor bit of builder involvement going on between late starts and few workers, there is not much to report on in regards to the progress on the house, a bit disappointing. The yard roof is progressing well, considering there is only two men on that too! All the RSJ's were up by Thursday and the wire mesh started (this holds up the minetex under the roof, which all prevents condensation in the stables) We were told that the supply of 'clear sheets' were the wrong ones, so lets hope that does not cause another delay.  Unfortunately, for the remaining part of the day the rain stopped too much being done. Brendan just called in and said that the man installing the windows is calling  to do the measurements tomorrow.

Day 77 Friday, Well, nothing much to report. On Saturday no builders came  but Conaty's finished the wire on on one side of the barn roof. I really hope next week that the builders come off the other work they have taken on so we can show some progress again. The only thing is now, it looks as thought the weather may come against us.

Day 78,79 and 80 Monday, no builders. Tuesday, there were three here, so just over half of one roof has the felt and battens done which is great.. Wednesday, no builders. As for the yard, all roof wired on Monday, quarter covered by Tuesday and today, half.

It is hard to keep a good rapport with everybody, with Easter and all the delays, the project has slipped behind. The yard has water lying on the floor which is damaging the SmartPly. There are supposed to be outlets for drainage at the back of each stable and out of the wash area, but instead there are pools of water in most of them. so I seem to be annoying people trying to get things done quickly. The SmartPly is very resistant but distortion of its surface does occur causing it to get damaged. The area for the arena is covered in stuff so Rock had to be put off starting the arena drainage (see picture right). I had Michael Keane from Manders Coatings and Inks, with me on Tuesday after he had taken a sample away. He came back with the recommended paint needed and was impressed with the PmartPly's qualities. I just  have to paint it all now! I found this company a number of years ago. I was always unhappy with using household paints on stable doors etc. and from a brochure I got years ago at the Spring Show, I found a paint that was second to none. P100 was the one I found so good. It is supplied to the commercial sector. Is made for steel, but is fabulous to paint with and use on wood, plus it is competitively priced.

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