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Day 61 Thursday 3rd April. On to the second storey, this covers half the house. The bracing was removed off the yard as we are hoping to use it soon! (when the roof is on). Part of one wall was done upstairs today. Paul checked with me about any changes to the plans, but when I was about to go off I saw a window that Paul had just finished and realized it was also one I wanted changed. Paul was so good about it, he said "no problem" undid it and started again. Now, if that had been block work, I would never have got away with it.

Day 62 The sun shone all day (picture taken from the back). Upstairs the walls went up showing three windows to the front. Again it was so good with this building method because the builders were sure that the architect had made a measurement mistake and when the second window was being done I noticed it did not look like the drawing, It was wrong, so within a few moments the window was in a different place, where it should have been. Now the builders are having to re plan slightly and keep the windows matching the downstairs ones and hope the plan will fit around that. They say that it is common to have mistakes in plans with regards to windows, now with computer programs I cant understand how, as all the calculations are done automatically I thought, so I am not sure who was wrong. 

As none of the planned walls correspond with the ones downstairs the dividing walls will be insulated partitions like a lot of houses. Brendan said he would use enough insulation to help sound proof the walls. If it was very important you would have to plan your design with this in mind. Another big design mistake I made which could have been altered if I had not been in a hurry, was the stable roof apex is 6' high at the highest point. It could have been lower. Now we are loosing our view of Killua Castle from our back windows. I was in a hurry to get the roof ready and just didn't realize I could have a say on the pitch, silly me. The only good thing is the horses get more air space in the barn, but with the windows they would be fine anyway. 

Day 63 Actually it should be 62 and a 1/4 days as on Saturday just Declan and Johnas were working half day, but look at what they did.

 The great news is that we hear that Brendan's daughter has regained conciseness. I had heard that she was beginning to show some good signs but this news is just great. Thank you all out there for helping her in whatever way you did.

Day 64 Monday 7th April. Scaffolding was put up for the first time. Karl needed it to build up the East gable because this would be the highest part, the roof over the gable. The other side had the attic space to use, while the rest could be reached with the bucket of the JCB.

Day 65 & 66 Both gables have now been done. The cement pump was not available for Thursday so the last pour of this project will now be on Friday. Conaty's who are doing the roof of the stables are the only people that are holding us up now on finishing the stables so that we can get the horses home. They said they would be starting Thursday. As every month costs us 480 to rent stables, it is a but frustrating. When I say finished, I just mean we can use them. We will still have to put up the water troughs, paint the walls and put the exterior finish on, which will be done when the house is being done. It will be interested to see how this is done. We do have to put in the rubber mats, the wood in the fronts and the doors on, but this will be quick and may need the roof up to keep everybody dry.

Day 67 Thursday. The gable and top floor are going to be poured in one. The other gable needed scaffolding too. At a few points there were rods put in to drilled holes to marry the upstairs wall, to the top floor . I think that it could have been a good idea to put them in when the first floor was poured and it was wet. When the bracing was being done there were wire stays tied to stabilize the gable walls to keep them from going off line, rather like the line to a TV aerial (see Picture showing some bracing and ties that went up to the top of the gables).

Day 68 Friday. The last pour. The upstairs walls filled up fine. The only thing was that the cement came too soft on the last load, just when it needed to be a bit firmer. This caused the cement to pour out over the top edges of the gable (picture of Karl). Karl had to rush off to get some fiber additive that you add, bag and all, into the lorries mixture. This solved the problem, enabling the person pouring to gradually build up and fill to the top of the gable wall. They also had a little problem with the guy who was controlling the cement pump, as he insisted on standing down on the ground instead of being beside the person directing the cement into the walls. So he didn't stop and start the pour as requested, this was because he couldn't hear!, a bit silly of him. You do need to have an obliging controller with this job. Beer all round as the day came to an end. Karl, Oliver and Paul are now finished here except for Karl checking in to advise, so we will miss them all as they were very nice. After the week end Brendan's team continue and Conaty's promised to start on the stable roof, fingers crossed.

Day 69 Monday as usual with a slow start, it appeared to be 10am before anyone started. I think that just the bracing was removed. Believe it or not, Conaty did not turn up. I rang to hear that the machine to lift the trusses (teleporter) had not been delivered (it was a new one).!

Day 70 Everybody started early. Brendan couldn't come so the dividing partitions were started upstairs. Because there is a high ceiling in one of the rooms upstairs Brendan is needed here to show the guys, so that roof will not be started till tomorrow. No Canaty yet again. My day was spent organizing paperwork to furnish the mortgage for another payment that is due this week. I think the lads had to finish early as they didn't have enough of the correct wood

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