Conditions from 2002 onwards

The following are the  conditions of service for mares visiting Ard Cherrymount Stud or receiving A.I  from Ard Cherrymount Stud.

It is the policy to give an end of season guarantee (see lower half of page) for mares not infoal at the end of that year subject to these conditions. This entitles you to a free return (as long as the nomination is available, otherwise we will offer you one of the other stallions as replacement).


  1.  While every care is taken, Ard Cherrymount Stud and their associates will not be held responsible for any accident, illness or disease of visiting mares and foals. Likewise, Ard Cherrymount Stud do not hold mare owners responsible, for any accident or injury to our stallions, helpers or ourselves, caused by their mares or foals.

  2.  Stud Fees, keep, farrier and vet fees are due on collection of the mare, from the Stud/Clinic. Semen is applied for and received on the understanding that the Stud fee will be paid within 10 days.

  3.   Stud return is subject to the following conditions:  

    a. The account is fully paid when the mare leaves the stud/clinic. (N.B. When ordering A.I. Payment is due before the semen is dispatched).  

    b. A Barren Certificate from a vet is received by Ard Cherrymount Stud before the end of December of that year. 

    c. That the Stud has the chance of three oestrus periods (three cycles) to get the mare in foal.

  4.  Non TB visiting mares may receive A.I.

  5.  Mares are left at Ard Cherrymount Stud on the understanding of  the livery / Keep charges

  6.  The Stud reserves the right to have veterinary attention for any mares and foals, if they deem it necessary, at the owners expense.

  7. Any instruction on any matter pertaining to the mare’s health, swab, temperament, veterinary advice etc., only accepted in writing.


All our stud fees carry a guarantee, as long as you have followed the conditions above.

This guarantee entitles the owner, who's mare does not go infoal or looses the pregnancy within the first year of cover, to a free return for the following year. Added to this Ard Cherrymount Stud will accept a substitute mare from the same owner.

We supply semen on any day required for collection, with the exception that the stallion is away at competition .The latest notification is 9am on the day. Semen can also be transported to most major towns across Ireland, at the mare owners expense. We will continue to supply semen when required (generally subject to vets advice) to get the mare infoal.

Prior booking is an advantage particularly during the height of the season. All stud services 'off stud' must be paid in advance. We accept Lazer and Credit card payments if you've left it to the last minute. Mares left at the stud must be fully paid up when leaving.

The only time a return to the same stallion is not available is if that stallion has been sold of returned to its owner. (ill or dies) In this instance there will be the remaining choice of Ard Cherrymount Stud stallions.

If any condition is not acceptable by a mare owner this must be stated prior to booking and given in writing.

And remember, we offer free advertising for any progeny by an Ard Cherrymount Stud Stallion, on our web site, as long as we receive a picture and a price (which can all be regularly updated or removed). We show this with the supplied phone number and no commission is expected.

I hope we give our mare owners and breeders a successful experience to achieve their goals, be it profit or glory.

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