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Day 41 Tuesday 4th March. The polystyrene arrived at last. The walls were started on the single storey side of the house (the house is half single and half two storey).

Day 42 and 43 . Bracing and walling continued so that all the downstairs walls are in and ready, Plumbing pipes were put in place, electrical cabinet and cable to the fuse box installed. Patching of any damaged ceiling boards all ready for the pour.

Day 44 The big day, the pour of the ground floor walls and first floor started at 8.30 am. Below each window is poured first (picture of Karl and Brendan in action), this soon sets and acts as a 'hold' for the pour when it is poured down inside all the walls  and on the roof. You can see the pump that is used to do this in this picture below, It came complete with control man who easily moves, stops and starts the flow. Everything has to be ready for this so as not to delay the cement lorries who do have to be patient as it is pumped out. What can happen is a 'blow' where a panel can burst, but this should not stop the process and should be corrected accordingly while the pouring can continue in another section. I think I will be disappointed to see such excitement as all looks to be going to plan and good bracing was done. 

  Later.....I missed the small 'blow out' it caused no big problem. Once a panel gives way pour is moved to another area and a patch of ply is placed over the spot and work continues. The area can be leveled flush later. When the walls were gradually filled bit by bit, the first floor was done, covering the under floor heating pipes and then leveled off. The day was spent pouring and I have to say it felt great that evening when it was all solid and finished to this level.


Day 45 . Monday. We have asked to stop the work on the house until these stables are poured as the stud season is underway and mares are starting to arrive. 

The Stables began. Measurement checks were made. This time the outside walls are the same as the house but lined with SmartPly instead of polystyrene, they are able to withstand kicking against the concrete and are strong enough to act as a 'mold'. Screwed to the 'i' beams, leaving a space of over 8" for the concrete. The water pipes will be incorporated into the walls. Spaces are left for the windows to allow the horses to look out, which we consider it very important for the horses sanity.

Day 46 Stables going up faster today, bracing as they go. The two pictures taken here after 1 days. Dividing walls started.








Day 47 to 49  Stables continued. The different levels of each stable floor makes the job slower, A plan went missing so the stable divides started as higher than planned. More 'i' beams were quickly ordered and the divides were shortened to match the rest. The measurements have to be exact to fit the ordered stable fronts and the roof, which in already in production. The pour is aimed for Friday week the 21st. The day the stable fronts are arriving. It is planed to start installing them straight away, put the wall fixings on the top of the walls when the cement is fresh and start the roof after the week end. With Monday being St. Patrick's Day, it may all be a bit over hopeful. And then water won't be plumbed in until the house is plumbed but once the mats are down the horses will march straight in.

Day 50  Brendan and his team not in on Tuesday morning 18th, so at this rate it will be un-lightly that the pour will be this week. The rest of the lads continued on with the stable divides at the far end of the shed. Water pipes to drinkers and bracing of walls. Alain Storme called in to see the progress and plan the fitting of the stable fronts. He suggested placing a bolt for the stable fronts, in the walls, before the pour. 











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