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Day 31 19th February, Micheal is still getting all the ground work around the place done. Screed arriving to level the walker for its foundations. Walls gong up along the front of the house showing the window spaces, exciting to see it take shape. 

Day 32 20th, See the pictures below? Its really is coming on now.

Day 33 The yard is having the west side of the passage poured. The house exterior walls nearly finished, maybe by this evening so I will see if the inside walls go in next. The outside walls have 8" concrete between the polystyrene while the internal walls will have 4". When I know the date we pour in the walls, I will post it here and you will be welcome to come and watch,  just ring first.

Day 34 The house exterior walls is just around the whole way, a lot of bracing has to be done to keep the walls up against the wind and for the eventual pour. The piping for the water in the stables was being put in place.

Day 35 Monday the 24th. A part of the gable wall tilted in the wind over the week end but was easy propped up again. We are in a very windy spot here up on the hill.  Another great thing about this system is that when you suddenly see a place you decide you want a window put, after the wall is up, it is so easy for one of the builders to just put it in. The whole outside wall is done and a little bit of the inside walls. These are also Eurozone walls but 4" concrete thick instead of 8". This gives great sound proofing and insulation, no listening to someone splashing in the bath. When it comes to the upstairs, where the walls correspond with the ones below, Eurozone walls will be used with insulated partition walls else ware. Brendan has been great, he has even offered to attach the water drinkers for us well above the call of duty. It makes such a difference to have a builder you get on with as you are sure to make a nuisance of yourself

Day 36 Some of the inside walls are up, and all the rails for the rest of the rooms, I can see the layout much better now. I was away in Dublin sourcing bathrooms from the Buy and Sell and B&Q.  The hole for the legs of the A.I mount was made and the water pipes finished. A few alterations in the internal dimensions of the walls of the stables were done and hopefully the weather will be fine to pour concrete in the morning. We have preference to have the stables finished before the house because we have to move the stallions home for the stud season and we have an Ard VDL Douglas foal due soon. On another note, the local papers are interested to hear about this building method and are calling in to see the progress in the next few days.

Day 37 and 38 The last of the stable floors were poured, not an easy task as they all had their own 1" fall which we are doing to the back corner in each stable (see picture right). The A.I. mount was placed in 2m of concrete, no chance of that ever shifting; Brendan likes to do things properly. The polystyrene ceiling was put above the kitchen (see picture below, more braces to be added) and we are just waiting now for another delivery of polystyrene from Hytherm.

Day 39 One side of the house has the ceiling up and today the under-floor heating guys put the pipes in upstairs ready for the pour next week. The electrician came. We decided where sockets, lights etc go, in one side of the house anyway, and what was probably needed for the yard. We are still waiting for the polystyrene but as the day went on the weather turned to a deluge of rain, so the week end had to start early.

Day 40 Not everybody here today. More bracing done in the house.

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