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              Athens Minerva  

Athens Minerva b'96

Dalmatians have been a part of Ard Cherrymount Stud for a very long time. We had our first Dalmatian puppy in the our family 40 years ago. Her name was Kitras Pet, 'Kipps' at home and it was her amazing character that brought about our love for this breed ever since. 

Our Prefix 'Bonshaw' was founded by my mother Mrs. Margo Dean in 1950 when she bred Cocker Spaniels, breeding and exhibiting many Show and Field Trial Champions. 

Foremost, our Dalmatians are our companions. When we breed, temperament is of the utmost importance. As the Dalmatian is known for its insatiable energy, we breed for a calmer more relaxed attitude with character, when we choose our matings, enabling the progeny to earn permanent loving homes.

Our first line of Dalmatians produced the Irish Champion 'Bonshaw Major Heritage at Finndalcon'.

Our next foundation bitch was Athens Minerva B.O.B. (pictured on top and as a puppy below), Winner at the All Ireland Dalmatian Club Championship Show and Champion Black Spotted All Ireland. Her sire Pickles (pictured below left) is an unshown grandson of Ch. Majida Major.

                           Athens Minerva at 8 weeks

Pickles (above)                    

Athens Minerva's litter (below) from which we kept our brood bitch Bonshaw Smarties



 Smarties (right)

Bonshaw SmartiesBonshaw Smarties (here right)  as a 1 year old, from the litter above which included;

  1. 1/ Bonshaw Pebbledash (pictured left),
  2. 2/ Bonshaw Bubble Wrap,
  3. 3/ Bonshaw Lace,
  4. 4/ Bonshaw Bottle Tops,
  5. 5/ Bonshaw Saddler,
  6. 6/ Bonshaw Fizz and Pop,
  7. 7/ Bonshaw Brail and
  8. 8/ Bonshaw Pattern.
  9. 9/ Bonshaw Smarties, she has this wonderful temperament that we love.  She is our future breeding line.



Unfortunately we don't get much time for showing as most of our time is involved with the horses and the Stud - I have just realized that I picture my dogs like you should a horse, my apologies!.

Bonshaw Pattern, Mother 'Athens Minerva 'Pebbles'' and Bonshaw Smarties

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Puppies from 'Bonshaw Smarties' that were born mid September 2001 to Majestic One, Avia Riddell-Martin's very handsome dog (while winning pictured below).

  Majestic One (pictured above and left) winning 3 firsts in Aug'01


This litter at 27 days old, born 17th October '01

In the house where its warm under the stairs.

Smartie's new litter  From left to right

  1. Bonshaw Stars (dog)

  2. Bonshaw Dotty (bitch)

  3. Bonshaw Spice (bitch)

  4. Bonshaw Sparks (dog)

  5. Bonshaw Spotless (bitch)

  6. Bonshaw Sparticus (dog)

They have all gone to their new homes.

Bonshaw Spotless (left at 6 months) was the last to leave, happily with her new owner, Tina Ward, in New York, living in as one of the family.

Bonshaw Dotty at about 6 months (pictured right) has herself had a litter of pups last November '03. Here is the sire used, who was GB Champion 'Leaveslake Limerick at Clonheath' (below) How time flies.


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'Bonshaw Smarties' is hopefully due to have pups on the 9th of July '05 to 'Kasara Chocolate Soldier' Irish and International Champion, another liver spotted dog with a superb temperament, from a lovely family .

26/5/05 It is only three weeks since Bonshaw Smarties was mated and I am beginning to think she is pregnant but will not be absolutely sure when she is a couple more weeks.

Half way through the pregnancy and I am now sure. She will be due around the 9th July.

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The Daddy

  'Kasara Chocolate Soldier' (right)  

His Sister on the left. Both bred and owned by Mrs. Louisa Casey and Family of 'Kisara', Mullingar.

Chocolate Soldiers sister, a quick snap at the show 'un-posed' with Conan (she does this lovely smiling that dallys do).

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8th July '05. 'Bonshaw Smarties' had her pups, seven in all pictured here the following morning. And then at five weeks old (pictured right). They were such a level bunch it was hard to make the final decision on who to keep. Sequins won out.

They were;


1/ Bonshaw Logic,


2/ Bonshaw Rufus,


3/ Bonshaw Noodles,


4/ Bonshaw Duo Jessica,


5/  Bonshaw Topless,


6/ Bonshaw Side Up


7/ Bonshaw Sequins


Sequins at three weeks old

Bonshaw Noodles (above) all grown up, basking with friends! owned by Be Nolan


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St. Patrick's Day All Breed International Championship Dog Show 2006

Bonshaw Sequins has now reached eight and a half months old (she is the one second top left of the bunch above). She has been the easiest to train that I could have been gifted with. Her first show was an all breeds open show in Dublin on 12th February where she won, but the St. Patrick's Day show was bigger and was great fun. She was Best Puppy and given the 'very promising' card. The Judge even commented on her good training (yes, she is training me well!). The Group Puppy was large and seven of us were pulled in while the rest were asked to go, that was exciting, but then we were 7th. It certainly makes you keen. Here she is, the picture in the ring was too far away and came a funny colour but its nice to have.

We will probably wait a little while before we show again as she is still only a puppy, but when the idea hits me I will be off again and will document our progress here.

It is well into August 06 now and I am finding that numerous horse and pony shows get in the way of Doggy ones, but I still intent to get out some day again.







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Bonshaw Rufus (pictured right), litter brother to our Bonshaw Sequins has earned himself a wonderful home and family. I was sent these (and more) pictures with a wonderful letter filling me in on how Rufus has become a very special part of the Murray family, living in Dublin12. It has just past a year now and and Mrs Murray said to me; she did not know what I was saying as she collected Rufus that time, about him smiling, until Rufus joined their family and showed them his true Dalmatian smile. Now a regular morning greeting for the kids as they race down in the morning to be the first to get his smile and overwhelming affection. How lucky for Catherine, Paul, Alex and Eric to have found the friendship and love from a very special Dally. I wish them all the best and hope to call by some day soon.


An older picture (left) where Pebbles and Smarties are sharing with other members of our family, They are so missed. I loved them so much.

My son Conan (below) proving temperament is of the utmost gift.

Sadly this year 2011 Smarties died at the age of 13, my last girl of this family.



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