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The Connemara is a wonderful breed, they are great jumpers with courage, stamina and beautiful temperments. Our foundation of the 'Ard' prefix.

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Our 'Ard' Connemaras

We have been breeding Connemaras for over 40 years and still keep a few mares, and of course stallions which we ride and breed with. 

  Ard Khana is our very old favourite (standing a bit muddy to the right of Ard Nola (by Village Boy)), was still with us at the age of 30 but no longer breeding, she sadely died in 2005 at the age of 31 and we miss her terribly. She represented Ireland in WHP in her day and was a consistent prize winner at major shows showjumping, in hand and under saddle winning Dublin, Galway, Clifden etc. She bred quality stock which were often exported abroad, except for Ard Conneely (pictured third box down) who we kept on and he became Clifden and Dublin Supreme Champion. Ard Conneely is now in Belgium where he was ridden, driven and out with his mares. In 2005 he won the Supreme Connemara Pony Championship of Belgium  looking as good as ever.

We then purchased the beautiful young stallion 'Ard Archer' (see his picture below) a son of Ard Conneely in the Spring of 2002 and stood him at stud till 2004. We had him approved in 2002 and showed him successfully. He is a 148 cms Grey b.'97. If you click on his name and it will take you to his page.

2006 We purchased a 3 y'old son of Village Canal Beau (Coral Prince - Village Grey) out of Garryhinch Cinderella (Abbeylies Fionn - Kilbracken Queen) who is with us now. He is called Buldu and he has a special link in our hart, as his 'great great grandmother' Ashe Grey was my very own first Connemara pony,  Here is Ashe Grey with me on board many moons ago. She was a great broodmare producing among others, the Swedish 14.2 Showjumping Champion Ard Ashe Grove. When I was little, the day she arrived I called her 'Snow White' and could not understand why anyone would call such a white pony Ashe Grey. It is ironic her predecessor is called Cinderella.

In '06 we also purchased the 2 y'old filly Croopers Vanilla Sky by Island Lad (same sire as Crosskeys Rebel below) out of a Rosenharley Rolley mare called Shannon Rover. We hope she will not make over 13.2hh because she would be a lovely mare for our son Conan to ride when the time comes. She has the movement we crave and if she doesn't make a super jumper we will eat our hats as she looks so athletic. Along with Garryhinch Cinderella we hope to breed a few nice foals again next year.

Other Connemara Progeny from the Stud:


Stallions approved; Ard Harka, Ard Hamish, Ard Hero, Ard Gay Lark, Ard Rafferty, Ard Happy Silver, Ard Bridge Time, Ard Conneely, Ard Talisman, Ard Harlequin, Ard Abalone, Ard Archer, Boden Park Finnard (we bought Finnard as a foal, the only one I mention here which we did not breed)


Grade 'A' International showjumpers ; Ard Hero and Ard Ashe Grove (Sweden)


Eventing and Dressage winners ; Ard Khana, Ard Abalone, Ard Nicity


National showjumping winners; Ard Nimble (high jump record holder), Ard Sherry, Ard Harlequin, Ard Zachary, Ard Ard Rafferty, 


Long Distance winner Ard Haynonny

Ponies for sale from this page  (click here)

As we are are always on the lookout for potential young colts to make a stallions for the future, if you know of one, just send us an email.

Stallion that were at stud here:

Ard Archer (1109)Ard Archer at first show

 Stood  at Ard Cherrymount Stud from the 2002 season and moved to his new home at the end of 2004 

He was shown twice in 2002 ; 1st Open Stallion class and Reserve Supreme Champion of the Show, Ballinalee 2002 and 2nd RDS Dublin Horse Show Connemara Stallion Class.


 Crosskeys Rebel (997)

Stood at Ard Cherrymount Stud for the 2001 and 2002 seasons. Now moved back to Carlow for 2004

Owner; Pronsais Mac an Tuile

A beautiful free moving pony of substance with a fabulous temperament. You can click on his picture on the right for more information.

89 points showjumping in two seasons with us. He is now nearly grade 'A' (up to date). He has three lines of the famous sire of showjumping and performance ponies 'Carna Dun', plus the sires McDara, Carna Bobby, Doon Paddy, Abbeyliex Owen, Dun Angus etc.. And the most famous Connemara mares; Queen of Diamonds, Retreat, Winter Roche and Windy. 

All these in the first five generations of his pedigree !

Previous stallion:

Ard Conneely (898)

All Ireland Supreme Champion Connemara Clifden and RDS Dublin Horse Show. (sire of Ard Archer above)

Ard Conneely and his Parents, Ard Bridge Time and Ard Khana, were bred by Ard Cherrymount Stud, they were all Champions.

Conneely stood at Ard Cherrymount Stud until '98, he now stands in Belgium.



Ard Bridge Time (277) Bridge Boy (124) Toreen Ross (99)
Irene (624)
Golden Primrose Time (2072) May Boy (I Dr)
Golden Gleam (296)
Ard Khana (6262)

Carna Bobby (79) Gill (43)
Carna Dolly (442)
Oranmore Stardust (2583) Clonkeehan Auratum (104)
Lor Ruadh (1715)

Pictured  right is Ard Khana's last progeny: Ard Cormac with Isla Savage competing in Northern Ireland, a gelding son of Templebready Fear Bua.  

We covered our 3 y'old filly 'Ard Nola' (13774) in '04 with Pat Rabbit's stallion Monaghanstown Prince (1160) (pictured here left) as we just took the drive on to Pat Rabbit's house after the Connemara inspections  where Nola was approved. He is a sweet pony,



Ballinalee Show 13/6/04 A beautiful day, beautiful show, beautiful Ponies. Only managed to see the first few classes and took a few pictures;

The Glassog owned by PJ Watson, by  Cloolnisle Cashel ex Crusheen Connie (the dam of our Ard Nola, pictured at the top beside Khana) He won the 4y'old + gelding class.

A lovely 3'yold line up. The winner was Mary Rabbit's Monaghanstown Princess,

  2 y'old filly 'Venus' by Garryhinch Finn, looked so well waiting by the ring.

A yearling filly near the end of the line-up, showing just how good the standard of lovely ponies were at the show.. This lovely filly was by 'Glencarrig Prince'

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The Connemara Pony: These are the standards of the Connemara Pony in the Irish Connemara Pony Breeders Society . 


Characteristics : Hardiness of Constitution, staying power, docility, intelligence and soundness.


Height : 133cms to 148cms


Colour : grey, black, bay, brown, dun with occasional roans and chestnuts.


Type : Body compact, deep, standing on short legs and covering a lot of ground.


Shoulders : riding


Head : Well balanced head and neck.


Action : Free, easy and true movement.


Bone : Clean, hard, flat; measuring approximately seven to eight inches below the knee. 

These standards often vary from studbook to studbook across the world, but the Connemara Pony still wins hearts where ever they go.

American Connemara Pony Society

Danish Connemara Pony Society (off temp.)

English Connemara Pony Society

Finnish Connemara Pony Society

German Connemara Pony Society

Austrian Connemara Pony Society

Swedish Connemara Pony Society

 CP Society of Belgium

A link for any societies I may have missed.

Picture LINKS of interest

A very good web site to click onto with all the Clifden Show results and a file of stallion photos, (click this line)

Stallions; McDaraClonkeehan Auratum , Naseel , Slieve Dara , Thunderbolt , Carna Dun , Rebel Wind , Garryhack Bobby

Tulira Highball , Lambay Inver ,

Mares; Abbeyliex Bluebird , Atlantic Breeze ,

Relevent Publications


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Some of the stallions I pictured at the Midland Connemara Pony Stallion Parade 19th March '06 in Mullingar

  a/ b/  c/  d/  e/  f/  g/  h/

a/ Carraig Thunder (1157)

b/ Castleside Carraig (1081) 

c/ Clooneile Cashel

d/ Curraghmore Cashel (1128)

e/ Glenayre Mystical Bobby (1007)

f/ Straboe Prince (by Ard Archer)

g/ Tasty Pride (1075)

h/ True Commotion (1192)

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  Competition horses, Stallions, Showjumpers, Event horses and Connemara Ponies.

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